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Hello Community Members!

I am Meredith, CEO of the local non-profit Community Plus, and our mission is community revival.

The committee and I have recently noticed that the County of Teluse needs some help, so we went through and conducted many surveys to find out what everyone wanted. 

What was certain was people wanted to see the park fixed up and to offer more resources for the kids of the neighborhood. We think this is an excellent idea. Our solution is to create a community garden within the park and clean up the jungle gym and blacktop for the children living in the community so we can start offering after school programs.

The after school aspect comes from the fact that many parents were also concerned with their children after they get out of school. Many of them work and want there to be a more well-rounded after school program for all interests. Our plan is to start up four (to start) different programs, one for reading, one for tutoring, one for sports, one for music, and the other for arts and crafts.

We feel this will enhance the county of Teluse and also know that we need community members help with resources. Any amount will allow this community to grow. 

Don't forget to send us any ideas you may have here and join us in our weekend community events!

Help us, help you!

Meredith Jackson, CEO of Community Plus




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